Thursday, December 28, 2006

Photo credit: Australia 2006 by Ron Fell

Some may know him as a photog and certainly he is, others may be aware he works with the Raiders' broadcast team, he has for decades, many will recall his years at The Gavin Report where he was the writer, associate editor who became the publisher, owner. Everyone who knows him would agree: Ron Fell is a class act and a mensch. Then, there are those of us who know the back story. Know about his salad days with Metromedia and NBC in the bay area. Ron Fell, the wunderkind who programmed KNBR, the youngest Program Director in the history of NBC. To be certain, we can all learn something from Ron Fell. I am blessed to know this great gentleman, privileged to know him as a friend, honored that he was best man at my wedding. Thanks Ron for allowing me to share some of your outstanding photography. Stay tuned readers, more on the way.

Support the Commons: An important email today from Larry Lessig, read it here. Larry tells us that CC is still short of their $300K goal. Should you be involved in any creative endeavor my suggestion to you is please get involved, support the Creative Commons initiatives. CC is doing work that matters. I encourage you to please give what you can today. Donation info is here.