Thursday, January 11, 2007

"A decision is a commitment to action. Until the right thing happens, there has been no decision. And one thing can be taken for granted: the people who have to take action are rarely the people who have made the decision. No decision has, in fact, been made until carrying it out has become somebody's work assignment and responsibility - and with a deadline. Until then, it's still only a hope." Peter Drucker

Congrats and cheers to Steve Dahl. The book is out and Steve delivered, again, where it counts. Steve makes the top ten 25-54. Top five with his 25-54 male target audience. Moreover, his show is in the top twenty 12+, a significant and remarkable achievement when one considers the context. Steve is making ratings success happen from scratch, without the benefit of any lead-in. The morning and midday shows fail to make the top twenty 25-54. Outside the hours Steve is on the station, WCKG is an abject ratings failure. WCKG has a casting problem. O&A and S&T are not getting it done and my sense is they will not get it done. The good news is the station can be fixed, talk on FM is certainly viable, Steve Dahl is holding a weekday clinic on how to make it happen. As PJ says "In all of art it's the singer not the song." Congrats too: Eric & Kathy, Dick Biondi, John Landecker, Rafael Pulido, Spike O'Dell and Tony Sculfield. Robert Feder does the Chicago book review here. Gregory Meyer writes about the Chicago book for Crain's CB here. Patrick Kampert covers the book for the Trib here.

It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing: Movin in LA posts a 0.7, ouch.

Congrats and bravo to Jhani Kaye for putting K-Earth back where it belongs, in the threes.