Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Photo credit: Wingra Winter by thechrisproject Great shot, bravo!

"There are three reasons why dissent is needed. It first safeguards the decision maker against becoming the prisoner of the organization. Everybody is a special pleader, trying - often in perfectly good faith - to obtain the decision he favors. Second, disagreement alone can provide alternatives to a decision. And a decision without an alternative is a desperate gambler's throw, no matter how carefully thought through it might be. Above all, disagreement is needed to stimulate the imagination." Peter Drucker

Cory Bergman
writes about "The new urgency for local TV" here. Bravo Cory, well said. The ultimate destination is local and, increasingly, wireless.

"Students and faculty should just assume their future is online" Howard Owens is interviewed at Innovation in College Media here (thanks to Romenesko for the tip)

Jim Cramer gets it because he's old. Check out his logic on why the iPhone will be a smash here
Should you really want to understand what is happening in media and technology you are best served by talking to a dialed-in teenager.