Friday, February 16, 2007

"Any dream you have in life you have to fight for it and go for it, this is how you achieve your destiny and deliver yourself from your fate, that initial life that was given to you but you did not choose it. To do that right you need to do it with heart, not greed."
Guillermo Del Toro

Saw Pan's Labyrinth (Laberinto del Fauno, El) yesterday. Amazing! Del Toro has created an epic motion picture, a rich combination of story, visuals and sound. The film's tag line is tight: "Innocence has a power evil cannot imagine." This is one film you must see in a proper theater, especially one with state-of-the-art sound. Made on a modest production budget of $19 mil, the project's ytd gross is $27.6 mil domestic and $25.9 mil foreign. Nominated for six Oscars. Highly recommended. Please, just go and see it.

"The best combination is a front runner who is certain, deep down, that he's losing, and acts accordingly. The second-best combination is to be ignored by those in search of a front runner as you quietly and aggressively take the risks a front runner would never take."
Seth Godin

Congrats & cheers: Beth Comstock, Jeff Gaspin
and Marc Graboff - all have grown up to be presidents (at NBC Universal). Keith Olbermann signing on for four more years with MSNBC (and to think, it started as a three-day temp job). Patricia Smullin, Dean Sorenson, Bob Fox, Eric Rhoads, James Babb, and Gary Chapman all to be honored with the Pioneer Award from the Broadcasters Foundation of America. Michael Gartenberg joins Microsoft - smart, very smart.

The obvious is always the hardest to see:
My pal Lee Arnold goes dial-up and it ain't pretty. "I recently spent five days without broadband service...this gave me an opportunity to see how media websites performed for those without access to high speed internet connections. The answer is: not very well." Read Lee's entire post here. Kudos Lee, thanks for the reality check. Get the download times, by connection speed, of your main page, at no charge, here.

Dan Kelley, the rock radio programmer, is now blogging here. Kudos Dan!