Wednesday, February 14, 2007

"A Great Program Director understands that radio is a ratings driven business and delivers winning numbers to the sales department." A Great Program Director

The PD job description can be reduced to six words: deliver numbers to the sales department. When all is said and done the PD either delivers the numbers or they don't. If they don't deliver they need to move on. Too often time is wasted in discussions that are nothing more than the rationalization of failure, what amounts to graduate level "dog ate my homework." Management is responsible for producing results not excuses. The PD that fails to deliver the numbers puts the entire enterprise in harms way. The GM that accepts ratings failure puts the future of the entire enterprise in jeopardy and limits the creation of wealth for the dictum of teaching holds true: "what we allow, we encourage." Go for greatness, nothing less.

The sail to Sydney: Ron Fell updates his KGO Radio blog here and here. Thanks for the mention Ron.


Anonymous said...

David, LOVE your blog. You make excellent points about the responsibility of management. In my job as a DOS the task is to convert the numbers to revenue. It seems, imho, most of today's PDs do not understand how difficult it is to sell in this environment even with good numbers. It tough out here. Thank you for having the courage to speak the truth. If a PD does not deliver the numbers we don't need them on the staff.