Tuesday, February 13, 2007

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Good shot, thank you.

"Everyone is interested in two businesses. Their own business and show business." David Mamet

The great genius Mamet was on Charley Rose last night. A shame Charley was fighting a cold and not into the interview. Mamet's new book is out. Bambi vs Godzilla. Amazon info here. The Mamet quote, while certainly true, reminds me of something Buzz Bennett was fond of saying, equally true, to wit: "Everyone has the right to program."

The great Fred Winston is doing the John Landecker show this afternoon. While John is away Fred will play. Should be fun, don't miss it if you can. 3-7pm today. Check out the stream here. In the meantime Fred blogs about donuts here.

The sail to Sydney - Day Nine: Ron Fell checks in from the Pacific aboard the Queen Mary 2 here. 2,600 passengers, 1,300 crew; we learn the largest suite is 2,250 square feet, the smallest cabin (known as "Superman's changing booth") is 87 square feet. Good stuff Ron!

Dante Chinni: "...if your concern is being trapped by the worldview of the MSM editors, how is the worldview of the crowd on one website really better?" Dante writes about social-networking and Digg via CSM here.

400 year death spiral continues - video edition: dead tree guys $81 mil, FM with pictures guys $32 mil. That's how Borrell Associates closed the book on 2006 local video advertising. The local print folks beat the local TV folks. Borrell suggests video advertising will be one-third of all local online ad dollars by 2012 (second behind paid search). More from Borrell here. (Thanks to Cory at LR for the tip)

Find music you never knew you liked: Listening to The Hype Machine today. Kudos to Anthony Volodkin! (My thanks to Michael Hirschorn for the tip)

Jimmy Guterman: "...this year’s Grammy Awards show—frequently hyped as a showcase for new performers—kicked off with the reunited Police playing 'Roxanne,' a song they first recorded when Jimmy Carter was president. That’s before the core pop-music audience was even born." Read Jimmy's observations on the Grammy Awards, music sales and the music biz via paidContent here.