Monday, February 05, 2007

Photo: Rose by
Fred Winston
Beautiful image,
thanks Fred!

"Baby boomers and members of Generation X were like dogs - treat them right and they will be loyal. But members of this latest generation, Generation Y, are more like cats. They just go where the money is." Linsey Perry

Congrats & Cheers: Jeff Zucker
to be named chief executive of NBC Universal. The boy wonder deserves the promotion. LA Times story by Meg James here. Yahoo takes the lid off of Panama this week. Randy Thomas was the voice actor heard during last night's halftime show - she goes into the record books as the first woman to vo the half (she has also been the voice of six Academy Awards shows).

CBS SportsLine has put all the Super Bowl ads in one location here. Congrats to Phil Duncan his great voice gave him away in his one line on-camera role as the boss (Pierce come in here) in the spot. Lewis Lazare reviews the bidding and declares Bud & Coke the ad bowl winners. Could not agree more Lew, bravo! Read his take here. The Letterman with Oprah bumper was brilliant!

Fred Winston is blogging here. Kudos Fred!

Wise words of the week: Tom Peters...

"You are in a losing battle unless you are totally, perpetually, viciously and vigorously at war with the tendencies toward control, stifling, bureaucracy, over planning, over systems, too many metrics, etc."

Tony Perkins writes Part II of his "confession", Avoiding the Bubble Blues...

  1. Keep your eye on the money because cash is king.
  2. Focus your venture money on overcoming risks.
  3. Stay away from snappy people and Web 2.0 frat rats.
  4. Customers (and prospects) are everything.
  5. Bring in the design experts.
  6. Base your PR strategy on the principle of attraction rather than promotion.
  7. Do it for the passion. Not the money.
Tony's counsel comes from his diary about running two startups in the newly fashionable dotcom times. More here.