Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Photo: The UW Arb, Madison
by mjlmadison
Cool pic, thanks

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"Advertising is the art of getting a unique selling proposition into the heads of the most people at the lowest possible cost." Rosser Reeves

The Super Bowl numbers are out. CBS posted a 42 rating, 63 share, about 93 million viewers. In Chicago WBBM-TV put up a 50 rating, 77 share (lagging the '86 season record 63 rating, 87 share). In Indy WISH-TV had a 55 rating, 79 share. At $2.6mil that's national delivery of a little under 3 cents a head. A cpm of $27.95 is remarkable. The key is the right message. It's a shame most national ads were so very poor this year. CBS posted some killer 18-49 numbers, a 57 share 7-10p. FYI - second-best total bowl numbers of all time and the third highest rated program of any kind in TV history.

Congrats & Cheers: Bant Breen named prexy of Interpublic Group's Futures Marketing Group. Smart guy, smart move.

Some of the news, most of the time: 23/6 is the working title of the original video program slated to debut next month on Barry Diller's CollegeHumor.com, IAC's Michael Jackson at the helm, editing by Daley Haggar. Well-written story by Jessica E. Vascellaro in today's WSJ here.

Reading: Citizen Marketers by Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba. Interesting take on what's happening in CGM. Visit their blog, Church of the Customer, here, their main site here, Amazon info here.