Thursday, September 25, 2008

"Seek simplicity, and distrust it." Alfred North Whitehead

"It is not in the power of the most exalted wit or enlarged understanding, by any quickness or variety of thought, to invent or frame one new simple idea." John Locke

"To think is to differ." Clarence Darrow

Today's image: Harvest (Summer Memories) by ToniVC. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing.


RKO Radio Rep
RKO Radio Network

A reunion of RKO Radio folks has been talked about for years. It always seems like a good idea when the subject comes up however thus far nothing has happened. So, on with the show. A gathering is being planned for 2009 in Los Angeles. If you worked for RKO Radio or know of someone that did please help us get the word out. We are now collecting contact information. Get in touch via

Dwight Case once said "If we had an RKO reunion we would need to hold it at Soldier Field." We'll see how many we can gather in LA next year. Should be fun.

- 30 - Dan Conover publishes his last newspaper article online after former dead tree bosses pass. It's worth your bandwidth...

"The past was low-bandwidth. It required intermediaries who decided what was best for the most people and then served it up to us. One size fit all.

The present is high-bandwidth, and expanding so rapidly that each year obsoletes the previous year’s technology. One size no longer fits all, and the notion that others can (or should) mediate what we have a right to know and discuss strikes us as anti-democratic.

This shift meant that our newsroom religion’s belief in the sanctity of its gatekeeper function fell instantly into question. More information was a good thing, but our inability to control and shape it struck us as a dangerous slide toward anarchy."

Read the entire article, The Media Interregnum, here. Kudos, Dan. Well done.

Back this afternoon.

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