Tuesday, June 15, 2004

"The dogs bark and the caravan moves on" Persian proverb
N=1 has served as that once a month opportunity for me to write whatever I wished.  The N=1 writings appeared over the years in the firm's formal monthly client advisory. The firm's password-protected blog, launched in early 2002, soon became my playground and the new home of N=1.  I am now taking two previous 2004 postings of mine (liberated from the firm's blog) and beginning a new personal blog, a blog open to all.  I wish to thank my colleagues and my board for allowing, no, understanding and encouraging my passion in putting this forth. As a second-generation broadcaster and student of media, I look forward to a fun, engaging and living out loud ride.  Please join the ludic conversation.  You'll find my email address in the right column.  Full disclosure: "this blog has nothing whatsoever to do with the company, Media Arts & Sciences, and does not reflect, express, portray or suggest, in any manner, the considered opinion, informed thinking or any prospective counsel, advice,  and/or reading, formal or informal, of the company, or any of its directors, principals, officers, professional staff, or clients, on any issue as written herein." The press of affairs and an upcoming holiday will delay the beginning of weekly posts.  Stay tuned.  All the best