Sunday, November 13, 2005

"Poor showmanship, lack of ability in spotting talent, and a conservative, unimaginative business approach will not reap big profits" Dave Sholin

My friend Ron Fell has written a tribute to legendary broadcaster Bill King, you may find it here. Ron is one of the great gentleman of the world and I am blessed to know him. He is the gadget guys gadget guy, always on the leading edge. He also happens to maintain a residence in two of the greatest cities in the world...his native San Francisco and Sydney.

Steve Rubel and Joseph Jaffe offer up a fine weekly podcast, check out Across the Sound here. At the end of this week's cast they invite comments on how long the podcast should be while saying ATS is now running to 45 minutes. My sense is Steve and Joe should let content be their guide. 45 minutes is not too long when the show is engaging, topical and offers a fresh pov.

Peter Drucker, one of the greatest intellects, thinkers and writers on business in our time has passed - a great loss. Perhaps the only living person who will match Drucker's incredible and amazing insight will be Tom Peters. Find Drucker on the web here. TP on Drucker here

The Philly Prophet, the one and only Jim Cramer, was profiled on 60 tonight. Uncle Dan did a fair job. As I have said here previously, JC is the goods, the single best biz show on television period paragraph. Since there is not a CNBC website you'll need to navigate MSN Money, part of the MSN domain, to get anything on CNBC or Cramer. (Closed circuit to MSN - this sucks, fix it please) Not yet a Cramer fan? This is a simply outstanding Gary Owens used to say "don't miss it if you can" on CNBC, read his CNBC bio here. (Closed circuit to MM - get a chair company to sponsor the chair - "we are the only people who build a chair that is not afraid of JC - bring it").