Monday, April 23, 2007

"They told us to break all the rules." J.D. Freeman

Kudos to my pal J.D. , his programming chief Duane Doherty and CC Dallas DOS Kelly Kibler on the launch of Lone Star 92.5

Thanks to Bruce Ravid. Enjoyed some great conversation and the usual good groceries at The Avenue Bar with Bruce and Tom Teuber. Check out Bruce's webcast Go Deep here.

During that discussion with Bruce and Tom we talked about online music sites including, seems the buzz this morning is a Viacom team is said to be in the UK trying to buy them. John Carney at DealBreaker has the scoop here.

Gail Shister writes about Katie, her well done review of the bidding, CBS evening blues, via The Philadelphia Inquirer here. Bravo Gail!