Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"Romance is everything." Gertrude Stein

"The future is purchased by the present." Samuel Johnson

"Adapt or perish, now as ever, is nature's inexorable imperative." H.G. Wells

Today's image: Bound to Ignite by Thomas Hawk. Wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

Execution, not excuses
First in a series

Thoughts on next steps for media CEOs. Ten things you must do now to prevail in 2009. Here are the first three of ten.

1. Revisit your business model. Change the game. Do not tweak the numerator, change the denominator. Focus less on market share and become obsessed with market creation. Begin serious end days of revenue dependence on the import business and ramp up the business of export. [Hint: gather team to watch and discuss this slide show]

2. Embrace zero-based budgeting.
Employ brutal honesty. Cut all expenses that are not absolutely mission critical, no exceptions. Spend every dollar as if it were your last.

3. Labor, likely your single biggest investment, is the game changer. Thin the herd of the mediocre, release the sad dogs and 86 those retired on the job. Cut corp staff to lowest head count possible. Staff keepers should be assigned to line jobs as additional duty replacing marginal performers. Field the best possible team locking in your key players and stars, the ones that consistently make a difference. Identify and recruit more tie-breakers. Reassign associates as needed to ensure that everyone is working in an area that brings out their strengths and produces optimum results. Put an end to all "missionary work" (i.e., attempting to save people more than once, double secret probation, repeated altar calls, et al) [Hint: If they are not helping you they are hurting you. Cut the weakling performers. Clean house in one big bang]

Part two, second three of ten here.

The price of free speech. Say it ain't so dept:
Obama campaign charging media for prime election night coverage, from the campaign site...

The following coverage resource packages are available for purchase:

  • Main Riser Position - $935 (Includes 4 Main Riser Credentials, 5’x8’ Slot on Covered Main Riser and one 20 amp circuit)
  • Main Riser Position with Telecommunications - $1870 (Includes Main Riser Position services, PLUS two unlimited long distance/local phone lines and one wired high speed internet connection)
  • Cut Riser Position - $880 (Includes 4 Cut Riser Credentials, 5’x8’ Slot on Covered Cut Riser, one 20 amp circuit)
  • Cut Riser Position with Telecommunications - $1815 (Includes Cut Riser Position services, PLUS two unlimited long distance/local phone lines and one wired high speed internet connection)
  • Press File Seat - $935 (includes 1 Press File Credential, seat in heated Press File Tent, Power, Cable Television, High Speed Wired Internet Service, Catering)
  • Satellite Truck Position - $900 (includes 35’x20’ parking position and 100 amp electrical service)
  • Radio Position - $715 (includes table space and chair behind the riser, power and an ISDN BRI line for radio -- comes with two credentials)

Billing information must be submitted at as part of the request. Your credit card will not be charged until the campaign confirms your coverage resource package request. Coverage resource packages must be requested at:


Additional services may be purchased a la carte:

  • Unlimited Long Distance Phone Line - $300
  • High Speed Wired Internet - $275
  • One 20 amp circuit - $165
LATER: More coverage from Chicago Sun-Times here. My hope is this issue will be resolved favorably for the working press.

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