Tuesday, September 06, 2005

" Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm" Winston Churchill

Neal Shapiro is leaving NBC. A good man, Neal first became famous as the former ABC wunderkind Andy Lack hired to fix their magazine franchise. As EP of Dateline NBC ("Nice job, everybody") Neal changed the rules and won the mag game for NBC. Expect big things from this gentleman. The company line is here

Leave it to John Rook. JR, again, points out the obvious which is always the hardest to see (or hear) - Rollye James is a star. RJ gets picked up at KRLD in Dallas - nice move TB - congrats Rollye and, as usual, thank you JR for the news.

I have enjoyed many a discussion with the gifted Ms James. I first came to know this talented person a great many semesters ago - I was a music director - she was writing an amazing, ground-breaking, newsletter for singer Charlie Rich.

Leslie Moonves is featured in the New York Times Magazine "Giving Them What They Want" check it out here. Les is a master of the entertainment genre, the father of both E.R and Friends which he sold to NBC prior to his arrival at CBS. His single downfall has been non-entertainment. The long failing morning show and ongoing third place evening news need attention they are not now getting. Les works out of the best possible place for an entertainment guy - LA - the missing piece at CBS continues to be a strong leader for non-entertainment. My sense is Les is one hire away from again creating a legendary network. Good luck Les, swing for the fences, fix news next, hire a great leader to lead that charge.