Saturday, December 24, 2005

"The value of your product is in inverse proportion to the cost of customer aquisition" Shelby Bonnie

Lucky Chicago - they now have an eatZi's!

Century Shopping Centre, 2828 N Clark Street

This is an exceptional concept - food meets theater. Another great excuse for us to get to Chicago soon. I love eatZi's!

Couple of emails about my CBS Radio posts re Jack. The flavor is "how can you be a fan of Jack???" I'm not. Don't care for it, never have, I invite you to read my previous writings on this issue here, here and here

One of the most valuable lessons for any media organization is to discover the price of creating each avail. Once you establish the price of creating an avail you will sell smarter and, typically, improve your operating margins. You may then focus your sellers on selling the avails that produce the best margins. In reviewing formats you will find that jockless stations produce bigger operating margins for the simple reason that the single largest expense - labor - has been eliminated, this is not to say jockless is a solid long term strategy - it ain't.

My apologies if you have emailed me without reply - seems the new spam filter is much too aggressive - hundreds to get through.

Two excellent ways to burn bandwidth, here and, thanks to joho, here

Dave Winer looks into the future here

Jason Calacanis predicts here. Fred Wilson puts up a collection of predictions via - brilliant, bravo - jump to it here

Check out the year in audio - highly recommend #4 - via BlogPulse here

Merry Christmas.