Thursday, March 09, 2006

"The final question needed in order to come to grips with business purpose and business mission is: 'What is value to the customer?'" Peter Drucker

The above taken from The Daily Drucker. About the question he goes on to add "It may be the most important question. Yet it is the one least often asked...the customer never buys a definition the customer buys the satisfaction of a want...he buys value" Pure gold.

Last week in DC. A wonderful dinner with Susan and Bob Henabery. Susan, an accomplished watercolorist, Bob the legendary and brilliant architect of the ABC Radio FM group, et al. Fine plates of Turkish (as well as Lebanese and Greek) food at Nizam's in Vienna, VA; the conversation was so rich it almost took any attention away from the good food. Nizam Ozgur has been serving since the Carter administration; it's worth the Metro trip to Vienna. btw, the Metro service was excellent - from the district to Vienna in less than 20, back in less than 15.

Two other DC restaurants merit your attention. Enjoyed Franco Nuschese's Cafe Milano in Georgetown with Art Vuolo. We booked the wine room. The food and the room were exceptional. Avoid the noisy and very crowded ground floor main room. Had an incredible dinner with clients at Bis a very cool little French Bistro near the Capitol.

Highly recommend all three the next time your in the DC area.

Another high point of the trip - breakfast with the gifted Kipper McGee.

Congrats and kudos to Al Peterson, Erica Farber, and team, on another home run...the Talk Radio Seminar hit just the right note. Kudos and Bravo to Rush for giving credit, during the Q&A of his talk, to Larry Lujack and Robert W. Morgan as early "influences." While we're speaking of the TRS - noticed, and appreciated, for bringing their "A" game...Jack Swanson, Mark Masters, John David, Clark Howard, Laura Ingraham, George Noory, Gary Krantz, and the next post. Cheers to Farley & Company, 103.5, WTOP sounds simply great!