Sunday, April 15, 2007

"Maybe Mr. Moonves could put his prime-time schedule where his mouth is and stop milking that format (reality game show) merely for the fun of humiliation, voyeurism and sexual high jenks. If locking Imus and his team in a house with Coach Stringer and her team 24/7 isn't must-see TV that moves this conversation forward, then I don't know what is." Frank Rich

The quotation taken from Rich's NYT writing Everybody Hates Don Imus. Bravo Frank! Tim Russert did an excellent roundtable on Imus this morning. Howie Kurtz led a good segment about Imus on his show.

Questions: Now that MSNBC has the opportunity to stage a morning news show will they field a solid effort? The network remains a confused mess. Models NYC? Now that CBS Radio has an opening at WFAN and Westwood has need for a new morning offering will they each field programs as successful as Imus?

My sense is leaving a new and improved Imus on the air with a mission, one focused on candid discussions about the issues of race, gender, and diversity would have perhaps been a very effective approach to keeping the discussion alive. Not that he would discontinue the discussion of politics or world affairs. Seems to me we are losing one of the best forums on American politics not to mention one of the only shows offering serious discussion about non-fiction writing. What will we gain? Too early to tell. The pc police, gotcha journalism and the freak show had a great week last week. Stay tuned.

So many have sent emails about this so-called "national moment" - thank you. Some included links to interesting writing. A few provided links to rants by idiots. One of the laugh out loud rants suggested Imus was the product of the evil media consolidation and this court jester of the media cabal would never be fired. Gimme a break. Wrong on both counts.

Congrats & cheers: Google buys DoubleClick. Smart!