Thursday, July 07, 2005

"There is nothing, nothing that can compete with a radio commercial for irresistible emotional communication but you gotta remember that it's the audience's imagination that completes the picture" Chuck Blore

Chuck is a national treasure, a rare creative genius, a sage and a teacher. He created some outstanding TV commercials for me over the years, each experience a pleasure and a unique learning opportunity. He understands that beyond the big idea you need great writing and inspired, real performances. We can all learn something from Chuck, find him on the web here.

What you hear most on radio today is not's typing. Writing is what Chuck does, it is the foundation of killer creative, the big idea is brought to life by a process which demands writing well. Kudos to the RAB for conducting writing seminars, an excellent step to help radio become better for listeners and for advertisers - bravo! Don't just send the continuity person, send your promotion director and production director as well.

Bill Figenshu opens shop. Smart guy, check out his new full-service professional services firm here