Friday, May 26, 2006

"Progress in every age results only from the fact that there are some men and women who refuse to believe that what they knew to be right cannot be done." Russell Davenport

The best part of being invited to participate in the HD Radio Seminar hosted this week by the Broadcast Advertising Club of Chicago was getting to spend time with some of the best and brightest. Joyce Saxon, BAC's Treasurer-For-Life, is a living legend, she has made a difference in the careers of countless media people, myself included. During her 25 year career with J. Walter Thompson she ran spot broadcast and syndication with distinction and style. She was the first woman to achieve a senior officer's post at a major US agency to the surprise of no one. Known for her unrivaled dedication, grace, warm wit and encyclopedic knowledge of every market, Joyce remains a one-of-a-kind original. Joyce continues to serve not only the BAC but as well on the Board of Governors for The City Club of Chicago. We can all learn something from Joyce Saxon.

Up to nothing but good: Drew Horowitz (Bonneville's go-to senior exec and one of the best, most gifted managers working in media today), Barry James (architect of the very successful WTMX, now leading the charge at his latest hit - WILV), Kipper McGee (WLS, scary smart young turk of the ABC news/talk programmers), Rod Zimmerman (the respected, always well-spoken SVP/MM CBS Radio, just completed moving his B96 and WBBM-AM teams into their new Prudential home), Peter Bowen (new GM of B96 and Jack, CBS Radio rising star and BAC director), Skip Weller (COO, NextMedia, great guy - building his company leading by example), Harvey Wittenberg (ageless sage, it's not a real media gathering in Chicago without Harvey), Earl Jones (CC Chicago RVP - getting early rave reviews from staff and competitors alike), Ron Ruth (RAB's EVP and one of media's most charming gentlemen, great that he made the trip in from DFW)

Kudos and cheers to those involved in making the HD Radio Seminar happen. Carla Ross, BAC President; Joyce Saxon, BAC Treasurer; Jerry Schnacke, President - Radio Broadcasters of Chicagoland (and the engaging, sharp GM of one of America's most imitated stations WDRV) and Dick Rakovan, the beloved Chicago-based RAB SVP.

Thanks and congrats to my fellow panel members. Our moderator - Dennis Lyle, CEO of Illinois Broadcasters; Dave Robbins, GM of the #1 Country music station in the nation -WUSN, head of digital programming for CBS Radio nationwide and architect of the first major market multicast; and Don Kelly, head of broadcast marketing for iBiquity Digital inventors of the HD Radio technology (and pioneering FM radio programmer). Don presented an excellent overview of the technology and peak at what's going on in the HD Radio lab. Dave Robbins did a great job walking and talking the Chicago HD Radio dial - live - a killer real-time demo. Dennis did a fine job, kept everything moving forward and worked the room to bring us some very good questions. A wonderful event, a great time in Chicago, honored at the invite. More later.

Bonus: Virginia Heffernan blogs the Upfronts here. Bravo, very cool!


Anonymous said...

David - the seminar rocked and you did a terrific job explaining what the hd radio alliance is about, never heard someone break it down the way you did. Before the seminar most of us in the buying community had no idea Chicago was leading the nation in hd stations, very cool. The demo by Dave Robbins was awesome