Wednesday, May 31, 2006

"All talk is misunderstanding. Insight is just in work." Rilke

Bob Shannon has done it again, given us writing worth reading and talking about. In his AllAccess column, All Them Big Dogs (free rr here), he offers a list.."the 100 people who've had the most influence on radio", here is a bite of Bob's 100...

29. Bill Gavin 30. Mike Joseph 31. Ruth Meyer 32. Jack Spector 33. Rick Sklar 34. Bruce Morrow 35. Dan Ingram 36. Murray The K 37. Bill Meeks 38. The Beatles 39. Stan and Sis Kaplan 40. Jack Gale 41. Dick Biondi 42. Jay Cook 43. Ron Jacobs 44. Bill Drake 45. Gene Chenault 46. Claude Hall 47. Robert W. Morgan 48. The Real Don Steele 49. Pat O'Day 50. Tom Donahue 51. Scott Muni 52. Allison Steele 53. B. Mitchell Reed 54. Bob Henabery 55. John Rook 56. Larry Lujack 57. Tom Merriman 58. Tom Rounds 59. Casey Kasem 60. Don Imus

Congrats to all on Bob's list! Bravo, again, to my friend Bob on another excellent column. Thanks too to Joel Denver for somehow getting Bob to share his wisdom and providing use of his hall. No doubt there will be those who feel someone has been "left out", no matter, after a study of Bob's list please feel free to offer up your most deserving bold faced names via comments to this post. Who made your list that didn't make Bob's?

My list would include the following not found on Bob's...

  • Jesse B. Blayton
  • Kevin B Sweeney
  • Jim Yergin
  • Jack Gibson
  • Jim Seiler
  • Jim Schulke
  • Lewis Hill
  • Chuck Blore
  • George Wilson
  • Ron Chapman
  • Bob Hamilton
  • Jim Gabbert
  • Ed McLaughlin
  • Gerald Blum
  • Elmo Ellis
  • John Bayliss
  • Rick Carroll
  • George Burns
  • Ted Atkins
  • Lucky Cordell
  • Jack Thayer
  • Allen Shaw
  • Dickie Rosenfeld
  • Jim Hilliard
And, after careful study of Bob's would suggest? Comments welcome. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Dave, thanks for the tip on Bob Shannon, had not read his stuff before and it is really cool. Some of the people on my list:
Jim Davenport
Don Nelson
Charlie Murdock
George Klein
Bill Ballance
J.P. McCarthy
Harold Neal
Gary Burbank
Paul Christy
Lee Arnold - Milwaukee/Detroit
Ralph Emery
Dr Demento

Anonymous said...

excuse me dave

some on bob and your list are derivative

scott shannon refreshed drake as drew did but did they put up anything new and original???

what about the real unsung heros the brains that most still copy today???

buddy deane
sam holman
harvey glascock
jack carney
joey reynolds
frank ward
chris lane
dick carr
e rodney jones
ken palmer
dan mckinnon
jack gale
sebastian stone
willis duff
jerry b
jim phillips

another thing both you and bob seem to think that all the radio giants are from the bigs and this is not correct, guy paul and mike welch are two of the power hitters that the majors took lessons from in the last century


Dave said...

Thank you for the comments, a lot of really strong names there. As I said in my post lists cause each of us to agree and to disagree. Further, each of us can come up with one or more "missing names" from any list. While I generally do not like or enjoy lists, Bob's has proven to be an exception. I have great respect for the gentleman and he sets the bar very high in the first few names. Noticed that John Rook has posted with a shout to Bob re Chuck Blore and Jack Thayer - I completely agree with John but it's "Bob's list" not ours.

As to the charges of "all radio giants are from the bigs" I don't feel that way, never have, make my home in a smaller market today. If I have said something to offend small market folk - sorry - not my intention. I respect, appreciate and love great media no matter where it is crafted. The play's the thing so said the bard.

Anonymous said...

What about those that continue to inspire us, no disrespect to those passed on but...Erica Farber, Jerry Lee, Jim Ryan, Fred Jacobs, Jack Swanson, Charles Warfield,and Ralph Guild have achieved big successes and blaze trails daily. Two more. Dean Sorenson champion of small market radio and Frank Magid the wizard who gave radio the research that changed everything. And can we just please get over living in the past the giants walk with us TODAY!!!!!!