Thursday, June 01, 2006

"What about The Chucker?" Fred Winston

Legendary performer Fred Winston weighs in on Bob Shannon's List of 100 and makes an excellent point - "Bob has done a really good job on his list but one could also create a list of 100 performers that have made significant and lasting contributions, for example...What about The Chucker? Bruce Bradley? Dan Sorkin?" He's right, of course. You could also create a list of 100 managers (GMs, PDs, NDs, SMs, CEs, et al) that have set into motion best practices at the core of what we continue to hear via wireless today. Your thoughts?

And the emails roll in. Always more emails than open comment posts (appreciate and respect those prohibited by company policy to read and/or post blogs). Here's a sample of the in box:

"Shame on you Dave, pubcasters get no respect AGAIN" "Dude, what's with all the dinosaurs? Not one Internet bcast??? What about Soma or KPIG? Get into the 90s will ya" "Same old same old, YAWN, what about O&A the boys a major corporation is betting the farm will rescue them from the abyss?" "Research has fundamentally changed broadcasting did you guys miss that or sleep through it?" (Actually Jim Yergin and Jim Seiler are on my list and Bob has included folks who are known for using survey research to their advantage/Dave) "almost all white males, have we made no progress" "Dave, you need to provide a 'key' to understand your proposed additions, really, who ARE those people?" "So whom do you suggest gets cut from Bob's list to make room for your alleged superstars or did I miss that part?" "the list leans pop, FM and programming types so isn't Bob talking about pretty much a pd-centric view to the exclusion of the guys and gals that make it all happen - S A L E S!" ""What about rising stars? Enough with the history museum relics" "Too many lists too many awards too many tributes not enough celebration of substance. Why not a list of those deserving to be fired the jerks that have screwed up radio or a dead pool list, idiot managers on the bubble?" "Please get back to writing something that does not waste my time, what is this turning into radio's version of PEOPLE magazine, stop it!!!"
"LOVE IT, thank u for sharing BS's awesome column" "Looks like another old boys club to me"


Anonymous said...

Dave, you and Bob have done good. The list is very cool and thanks for your blast from the past, you guys have singled out some of the genuine giants of the game. We all need to study and learn from masters of the art, it is an open book to study or a book left on the shelf. Competition with pros that understand the legacy amps the level of the game and listeners/advertisers/every friggin body wins. But, then again, I'm one of those thirty-something "geezers" might be wrong. Checkin out Winston and on live stream and he still has it big time. Cheers, keep bloggin man!