Saturday, June 24, 2006

"Most of the time, we should thank our lucky stars when things don't work out. Mistarts and failures are the key to creative efforts." Richard Saul Wurman

The Google AdSense team entered the CPA (cost-per-action) market on a "test" basis - very smart move. Getting into the affiliate business seems a natural next step in solid value creation. David Jackson provides an overview ("Google Launches ValueClick Killer") here.

Congrats and cheers to Dave Winer. BloggerCon IV is a smash. Doc's notes are here.

Kudos to my friend and colleague Jeffrey Myers (we met and first worked together during our salad days at WBZ). Jeffrey is a principal of Personal Selling Principles (PSP) and served as the lead in creating the Media Sales Institute. Jeffrey is a gifted and amazing gentleman, he is making a difference in the future of measured media. We are blessed that his great talents and efforts are focused in training and development. From the media release...

The first NAB Education Foundation (NABEF) and National Association of Black-Owned Broadcasters (NABOB) Media Sales Institute at Florida A&M University, saw 24 candidates successfully graduate upon completing the program in May. The ten-day program is designed to prepare graduating college seniors for a career in media sales. Personal Selling Principles (PSP) served as the developer/facilitator. Full release here.

Closed circuit to NAB: Bravo! LOVE SmartBrief, excellent debut! Hats off to Adam Mazmanian, Dennis Wharton, et al. This is simply another early indicator that the David Rehr era is off to a wonderful, smart start. NAB members get signed up for SmartBrief here, highly recommended.