Friday, June 09, 2006

"Define results for your position that will make a difference. How can you make the greatest contribution based upon your strengths? Establish goals and set deadlines for them." Peter Drucker

Dennis Lyle and Debra Gray did an exceptional job creating and staging their very successful IBA2006 convention in Springfield. The new Lincoln Museum is an incredible facility and was the venue for a wonderful opening night reception, dinner and awards presentation honoring Gary Fries and Dick Biondi. I presented, part of a panel on HD Radio led by Erica Farber, along with Dave Robbins, Gary Fries, Mike Moffitt, Dick Zaragoza and Gene Ferry. Great to see Bud Walters, Dick Rakovan, Drew Horowitz, John Gehron, Bill Stakelin, Jerry Schnacke, and David Rehr. Caught two sessions, Paul Weyland and Dan O'Day each made strong presentations. My thanks to all involved, honored to be invited.

iPods beat beer in campus survey
Top 5 "In" things on campus - Spring 2005 vs Spring 2006

iPods 59% 73%
Drinking beer 72% 71% NA 71%
Drinking other alcohol 65% 67%
Text messaging 59% 66%
Source: Spring 2006 Lifestyle & Media Study, Student Monitor

More via USA Today here

Was Craigslist blocked by Cox Cable? Not exactly. The story by Tom Foremski here with comments; LR's Steve Safran is on the case - read his interview with a Cox Cable spokesperson here

Are you a Veteran? You should check your mail. Got the letter from R. James Nicholson, Secretary of Veterans Affairs, advising that my name, social, and date of birth was likely stolen along with the personal data of some 26.5 million of my fellow Veterans. If you are a Veteran and did not yet get the letter you can get more info here and by calling 1-800-333-4636.

Congrats to the 2006 Radio Mercury Award winners! Listen to the winners here

Catching up in the office, more later.