Wednesday, June 28, 2006

"A good basic selling idea, involvement and relevancy, of course, are as important as ever, but in the advertising din of today, unless you make yourself noticed and believed, you ain't got nothin." Leo Burnett

The Egg-Lemon soup and Eggplant at Roditys were remarkable. George, our waiter, attentive and polite. A picture perfect Greek Town lunch made better by uncommon company...Paul Gallis and Kipper McGee.

Paul continues working on his tell-all book. A gifted storyteller, Gallis is one of Chicago's great oral historians (read: Terkel). Kipper, the young turk of audio auteurs, his ingenious touch can be heard on WLS (his current project). Kipper asked Paulie about the Chicago vaudeville scene and we were off to the races. Paulie's regalement continued, stories about George Wilson, Ralph Atlas, Tony Bennett, Dick Biondi, Sam Holman, each and all priceless and vivid. Roditys, Gallis, McGee, and a June day in Chicago - Sine Pari!

Later, stopped by the State/Lake building - the new street level Channel 7 studio is functional and simply beautiful; tight, solid design. While at Pru2 dropped in at CBS Radio to see my dear friend, the always engaging, affable Fred Winston, an incredible talent at the top of his game. The new B96 offices and studios are exceptionally well done.

NBC made the very savvy move of hooking up with YouTube (Rupert should have been there first). Sara Kehaulani Goo does a good job covering the story over at WaPo here

Bonus spoiler: How does Mindfreak Criss Angel pull off his levitation illusion? Go behind the curtain via YouTube here (while it lasts)

BMW is so very smart and their marketing keeps getting better and smarter. Now they are underwriting the uber-cool TED videos. Watch/listen/download David Pogue's talk here. Check out the other 2006 TEDTalks on offer here. Bravo Adobe, BMW and TED! Highly recommended. Sir Ken Robinson talking on education is wonderful (e.g., "All kids have tremendous talents and we squander them pretty ruthlessly"). The very same abuses are happening, too often, with talent at work in media today. Creative people do not want or need to be managed, they want and, often, need to be led. It starts with creating the right environment, setting a positive stage, one that encourages performance. To get results begin with this challenge...catch them doing something right. Any rank dilettante can, and typically does, catch a talent doing something wrong and makes a federal case out of it; such behavior is the mark of a talentless hack. Don't be a hack. Should you feel the need to manage someone, manage yourself.

Closed circuit to CBS' Sixty: While you're in the process of recasting, hire Jon Stewart to replace that muppet Andy Rooney, please (btw, trust me, Steve Hartman is NOT the guy for that job).

Here's the starting gate for the fall sweeps. The weeknight news race (Q2 data via NBC and TVNewser):

Total viewers: NBC: 8,157,000 / ABC: 7,464,000 / CBS: 6,999,000

25-54 rating: NBC: 2.2 / ABC: 2.1 / CBS: 1.8

Homes: NBC: 5.8/12 / ABC: 5.3/11 / CBS: 4.9/10

You call it. Win, place and show in the fall sweep. Total viewers
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