Tuesday, October 17, 2006

"The imagination is the medium of appreciation in every field...the only thing that makes any activity more than mechanical. Unfortunately, it is too customary to identify the imaginative with the imaginary, rather than with a warm and intimate taking in of the full scope of a situation...the difference between play and what is regarded as serious employment should not be a difference between the presence and the absence of imagination, but a difference in the materials with which imagination is occupied." John Dewey

Bill Moyers
interviewed in The Boston Globe, talking about his doc "The Net at Risk"...

"Now they’ll be rewriting the Telecommunications Act. If the big companies have their way, in the dark of the night behind closed doors, they will gain the power to own not only the pipes of the Internet but what goes into those pipes. Giving control of content and access to big corporations will mean that the Internet, the most revolutionary democratic phenomenon of our time, where all of us are equal, will slip through our fingers. I did this documentary to say, Hey people, pay attention. Something is about to happen that will be very hard to change."

Perhaps Bill is right but it seems to me whatever the so-called "big companies" have in mind they will attempt to accomplish in daylight practically before our eyes. Read the Harvey Blume interview here. (Bill also talks about the role of PCB as "heat shield to protect public broadcasters"). Also some of the Moyers video and some details on how your senators are likely to vote over at Save the Internet here