Thursday, October 26, 2006

"Part of the art of the play is to introduce information in such a way, and at such a time, that the people in the audience don't realize they have been given information. They accept it as a matter of course, but they aren't really aware of it so that later on, the information pays off. It has been consciously planted by the author."

"One of the things I learned when I studied acting is that the content of what is being said is rarely carried by the connotation of the words. It is carried by the rhythm of the speech and the posture of the speaker and a lot of other things. All conversations have meaning."
David Mamet

Lots of chatter about Clear Channel going private. The short hand version here

Music blog StereoGum to get investment from The Pilot Group (venture led by Bob Pittman)? More here. Congrats to all involved.

John Mainelli, former New York Post writer, previously consultant and WABC programmer named program chief at CBS Radio's Free FM in the city. Congrats and cheers to John and to CBS. A full-time programmer is exactly what the radio station needs to get off the ground.

The great Bernie Dittman of WABB, Mobile fame has died. A gentleman, a good broadcaster.