Sunday, May 20, 2007

"Be extremely careful in the accuracy of your statements." William Swanson

Swanson's Unwritten Rules of Management: unwritten rule number fifteen...

"You should be passionate and inspiring, but what you say must be true. People are counting on your words for information and may act on what you tell them. When you say something, you want people to be able to 'take it to the bank.'"

Elizabeth Spiers is the subject of Friday's Jon Friedman MarketWatch post, Blogger Spiers knows where old media go wrong. In this latest installment of his wits of May series Jon writes "Old media have suffered self-inflicted wounds, Spiers contends, because they prefer to jump on a trend instead of trying to come up with something wholly original. Their mentality seems to be to throw money at a problem, rather than daring to be different." Bravo Elizabeth! The legendary founding voice of Gawker is scary smart and her take on old media is spot-on. The focus of old media is too often on getting better when they should be getting different. Kudos to Jon on another good writing. Hey Jon, why stop the series in May? You're on to something.

What is your mobile strategy? Back of the envelope arithmetic: about one billion internet users, about one billion TV households, about 2.5 billion mobile customers. MediaFLO USA now live in 27 domestic markets with video content partners including ESPN, CBS, FOX and NBC. They are using the Verizon platform now and others are coming including ATT. They're broadcasting using channel 55 nationwide. They will reach millions. Opportunity for radio folks: they will offer audio. The killer app will be designed for mobile rather than any content re-purposing. Think obvious, topical, local. Why wait? Team up!