Tuesday, May 20, 2008

"All our final decisions are made in a state of mind that is not going to last." Marcel Proust

"A lot of people are afraid of heights. Not me - I'm afraid of widths." Steven Wright

"An idea that is not dangerous is unworthy of being called an idea at all." Oscar Wilde

Today's image: Ode To The Duck by Cornerstone. Great shot. Thank you for sharing.

Scarborough Research: Understanding the Digital Savvy Consumer. Survey says 6% of the US population (projected to 13.8 mil adults) are "leading edge" digital consumers, the early adopters. 6 of the top 10 Digital Savvy cities are in the west. Top ten DMAs: Austin, Las Vegas, Sacramento, San Diego, Washington DC, Seattle, Phoenix, Chicago, New York, San Francisco. They are more likely to be male and 77% are under the age of 44 (more than half are under 34, the median age). More likely to be Asian or US born Hispanic. Getting news and info online 38% read blogs vs 8% of the less than savvy population. 22% visit radio station sites, 18% visiting TV station sites. They are heavy downloaders of music and video. 33% listen to radio online vs the general population of 9% that do so. Free PDF download of exec summary here.

From BBC: The Sound Index. Interesting. A tracking of comments, posts, plays and views. #1 track, Mercy by Duffy. #1 artist Coldplay. Involved in the project bebo, last.fm, YouTube, MySpace, Google, iTunes. Find it here.

Thought leaders - Country radio: CRB offers Executive Memo where radio and music industry folks can share their thoughts. A good read here. My thanks to Ed Salamon, the best evangelist there is in Country.

Required reading: Publius Project, an initiative by the Berkman Center at Harvard, presents "essays and conversations about constitutional moments on the Net." It's all good, you should really check it out. Highly recommended. Here's the jump.

Bonus: Testing - 72 questions reveal who you are. The test scored me type ENFJ. Friends are telling me that's spot-on. The stats suggest 3% of the population are type ENFJ, 1.5% of males, 4.5% of females. My sense is we're a small but vocal tribe. Bonus 2: TuneGlue

Class act: Keeve Berman has passed. A newsperson's newsperson, Keeve was a gifted radio anchor, a reporter advantaged with keen instincts and a leader. As a college kid living in the city I cold called radio stations looking for a job. Keeve took my call. Telling him I had no audition tape to send, he said "that's ok" and invited me in for an audition. Arrived at the storied 1440 Broadway studios of RKO Radio's WOR and WXLO on the appointed day. Keeve could not have been more kind, a perfect gentleman, a total professional. He handed me some wire copy and walked me to the studio. Clearly, I was not ready for primetime but he gave me some good advice. "Get some experience and come back again" he said. Not many news managers take cold calls from kids looking to break into the biz but then again there have never been many news managers like Keeve Berman. Keeve made an impression on me, he confirmed my thinking that RKO Radio was the outfit I wanted to work for someday. Footnote: I was later recruited to join RKO Radio in Chicago and always enjoyed dropping by 1440 when ever in the city. The lesson here is you just never know who's calling - take the call. An important part of every manager's job is to discover talent before you need them. Take charge of creating a positive first impression about your company when strangers come calling. Long after they've forgotten what you said they'll still remember how you made them feel.

Closed circuit to CBS News: Public Eye has been silent since last December. Might want to redirect that landing page url, it's still blogrolled at a bunch of good journo sites.

Nielsen: Caroline McCarthy blogs the latest Nielsen metrics via the social @ CNET News here. The following table courtesy of her post. Kudos, Caroline and thanks for sharing. Click on table to enlarge. [Related buzz: LinkedIn is killing out there, pacing to do $100 mil in rev this year, some now saying it could be worth $1 billion]