Thursday, May 29, 2008

"No passion in the world is equal to the passion to alter someone else's draft." H.G. Wells

"It's all that the young can do for the old, to shock them and keep them up to date." George Bernard Shaw

"Never assume that habitual silence means ability in reserve." Geoffrey Madan

Today's image: Sienna 16 by Modetrend. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

Where the hell is Bill Drake and Tom Donahue?

Radio programming ace and marketing maven Lee Arnold cares enough about the first tribe of wireless to ask that question. His's high time we revisit our so-called Halls of Fame. Lee's take is spot-on. Read his post here and another on the great Joe Kelly here. Bravos, Lee! Thank you. And please permit me to add: Where the hell is Chuck Blore, Bob Henabery, Rick Sklar, Bill Gavin, Ron Jacobs, Paul Drew, Kent Burkhart, Harvey Glascock, Scott Muni, Jack Thayer, Lucky Cordell, Jerry Boulding, Bill Kaland, Ted Atkins, Pat O'Day, James Gabbert, Rick Carroll, George Burns, Jim Schulke, Kevin Sweeney, Dick Rakovan, New RadioStar's Bob Hamilton, Jean Shepherd, Dick Harris, Larry Bentson, Bill Burton, George Wilson, Martha Jean "The Queen" Steinberg, John Rook, Al Heacock, Larry Glick, Al Benson, Jim Yergin, Ron Chapman, Jockey Jack Gibson and Dickie Rosenfeld. Don't get me started.

LATER: Dan Kelley, keeper of the flame for Classic Rock FM, joins the conversation adding Buzz Bennett, more here.

Michael Fischer: As serious a student of advertising (and popular culture) as I know, Michael offers up a recap of his latest trip to LA here. Kudos, Michael.

Tis the season: FriendFeed swag

Bonus: Veronica Belmont's Top 10 Up-and-Coming Web Applications. BrandDoozie (beta, natch, cool DIY marketing tool, check it out)

Congrats & cheers: Ali Partovi & team ilike OnHollywood overall winner. Other OnHollywood winners include, Bret Taylor and crew at FriendFeed [FD: N=1 most addictive, fav app of the moment], Loic Le Meur & company Seesmic. Nick Grouf & team Spot Runner. Ben Elowitz & WetPaint. Congrats to all [Complete list of winners]. The uber-cool Laurie Pracher named VP/Sales @ CBS Radio Sales, she was born to be great.


Rosenblum said...

I was delighted to see Jean Shepherd mentioned in the radio piece. As a kid I grew up listening to him every night on WOR radio in NY. The man was a genius.