Monday, July 28, 2008

"I am suggesting to you the simple idea that people work harder and smarter if they find their work satisfying and know that it is appreciated." Robert Six

"Walking on water wasn't built in a day." Jack Kerouac

"Eloquence is vehement simplicity." Richard Cecil

Today's image: into the SKY by harald kirr. Amazing. Thank you for sharing.

Stephanie Clifford writes Leftover Ad Space? Exchanges Handle the Remnants via NYT here. Kudos, Stephanie. Good writing.

Tuned in: Thoughts on Radio's Digital Future is the new online column by iBiquity CEO Bob Struble. Highly recommended. Kudos, Bob and welcome to the conversation.

Bonus: feedly. The perfect Firefox 3 add-on. I'm lovin it.

Coming soon: Playas. The Conde Nast Portfolio gang bow a new page where the best and brightest will soon come to play.

JCal via his weekend email made an excellent point worth re-posting here...

"Why all the focus on death?
The life of a startup CEO dealing with the rabid but sometime naive
blogosphere is one of extremes. You're killing or you're killed,
you're the shinny new object or yesterday's news. You can couple the
link-bait based blogosphere with main-stream media journalists who,
instead of acting like the voice of reason and "sticking to what got
them there," have taken the link-baiting bait. The MSM has had to
incorporate the flame warring, rumor mongering and link-baiting ethos in order to keep up in the page-view cold war.

This is either the shot in the arm MSM needs to compete, or they're
chasing the blogosphere Thelma and Louise-style off a cliff. Time will
tell I suppose.

Anyway, Facebook has had crushing success while MySpace continues to grow. Apple is hitting the ball out of the park while Microsoft continues to set sales records while fumbling into various markets. If Microsoft and Apple, MySpace and Facebook, and a Coke and Pepsi can't kill each other why is everyone obsessed with death?"

Bravos to JCal! Spot-on.

Not ready for prime time: Cuil. On my second search got the following "result"...

Sorry, an error occurred.

Please try your search again. If the problem persists, please be assured that our team is working quickly to resolve the issue.

Congrats & cheers: Network radio rock star Chris Corcoran promoted to SVP of Dial Global programming division.

Have an amazing week. Make something happen.

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