Friday, September 19, 2008

"You better be working on something that can really make a difference." Tim O'Reilly

"Blow your own horn loud. If you succeed, people will forgive your noise, if you fail, they'll forget it." William Feather

"Distinction is the consequence, never the object, of a great mind." Washington Allston

Today's image: my last shot by Pollo Patagonico. Very cool. Thanks for sharing, all the best.

Microsoft has three new TV spots. No Jerry. Game on.

It's pirate day on FriendFeed, uh, Frrriendfeed. Bravos! There are few things better than having a fine sense of humor and encouraging adults to play. Genius!

Bonus: A blog that deserves to be in your reader. Clive Thompson blogs on science, tech and culture @ collision detection. Bravos, Clive!

Keith Olbermann Issues a Special Comment on Yesterday's Lunch, thanks and kudos to Michael Terry [via Rachael]

Have a great weekend. See you next week in a brand new show.

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