Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"He who moves not forward goes backward." Goethe

"Great minds are like eagles, and build their nest in some lofty solitude." Arthur Schopenhauer

"Do not allow idleness to deceive you; for while you give him today he steals tomorrow from you." Alfred Crowquill

Today's image: entrando nel mondo delle fiabe by confusedvision. Outstanding. Thank you for sharing.

As a result of two interesting discussions today please allow me to share a couple of observations...

1. The new definition of local. Discussing a "local" media initiative the topic became "what is local and what will local become?" My thought is the traditional definitions of local are increasingly anachronistic. My suggestion is you begin to abandon DMA, start forgetting popular census measures (e.g., block code), stop depending strictly on ip addresses. The new local is where you are within three meters. Think GPS. One trip to Asia will provide the proof. While it is not yet available in the US, handheld devices in Asia are able to provide you with real-time geo-centric information. Walk out onto the street and it is possible to become aware of the merchants and restaurants nearby, even specials on offer and tables now available for immediate seating. Think local, local, local (within three meters).

2. Never offer to resign. A refresher on how to leave seems appropriate as the terminations continue. Hearing from folks who are working in bad situations (some that might even deserve to be called toxic environments). My counsel is no matter how dark the circumstances may get you should never offer your resignation without first having a firm offer of other employment in hand. To qualify as a "firm offer" it must be, without exception, an offer in writing. This is not the time to be out of work as a consequence of something you said being used against you and accepted as your resignation. The economic difference between resigning and being terminated can be dramatic. My thanks to Lee Arnold, the radio programming ace and marketing maven, for sharing the "THE UH-OH MOMENT" via his blog, here.

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