Monday, April 13, 2009

Larry Bentson

N. L. Bentson started his storied career on the radio as a child actor. He was a bigger-than-life original, a gifted visionary, a true legend in the American media and communications industries. Larry pioneered FM radio, television, cable tv and mobile telephony.

A brilliant business leader, Larry was also a philanthropist.

He cared deeply about issues that mattered, his involvement in a project always ensured a positive and lasting difference was inevitable. Larry concerned himself with a great many charitable efforts including those focused on improving the lives of children, especially the quality of their health and education.

Larry was always preoccupied with the possible, the what if, the why not. His thoughts were often on the horizon, one he knew certain to be filled with unlimited promise and incredible opportunity. As of this year, there are 250 Bentson Scholars. Those college students and their graduated fellows are part of one of Larry's many dreams come true - the largest private scholarship program in America.

This great gentleman was my dear friend and mentor. He passed away last night. Larry Bentson, sui generis. Godspeed.

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