Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"Wit and fine writing doth not consist so much in advancing things that are new, as in giving things that are known an agreeable turn." Alexander Pope

"If you do not want to conquer the world anew every single day, you will lose more of it day by day." Christian Morgenstern

"The second step in the right direction is the most difficult."Theo Mestrum

Today's image: you can play with it... by Pensiero. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

Closed circuit to CEOs: One of the next superstars, a person you need to hire to help save your company, is now unemployed (still looking), crowding fifty and probably female. You'll find irrefutable proof of this bold assertion via a YouTube video available using this link. Thank me later.

P.S. The next time you are told "there's no one out there" - your response should be "I just don't believe that's true."

Bonus tip: Take "there's no one out there" for what it is - an excuse. As a practical matter, this line serves as a wake-up call, a critical early warning sign that important, serious work is not getting proper attention.

You did watch the video, right? Trust me, it's an inspiration. Please, do watch it by clicking here.

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