Thursday, November 29, 2007

"No one who deserves confidence ever solicits it." John Lennon

"Most great men and women are not perfectly rounded in their personalities, but are instead people whose one driving enthusiasm is so great it makes their faults seem insignificant." Charles Cerami

"It's the friends you can call up at 4:00 a.m. that really matter." Marlene Dietrich

Bulletin from Fly-over Land:
Hey NFL, we ain't gonna buy your network. Watching the Packers tonight at one of my brother-in-laws' restaurants. The NFL Network wants us to blame cable. That dog don't hunt.

Spots & dots: Net TV CPM $25, TV Broadband CPM $30+. Jon Lafayette at TV Week offers the back story here.

VOTE! IWM's 2007 Media Person of the Year, all the big kids are voting, join them and vote here.

Midtown buzz:
News Corp & LinkedIn $1 billion, not enough? A billion dollars? Not a bad offer for a site that did 2782k in uniques last month (comScore - see yesterday's post). $359 a unique? The recent chatter about Facebook being valued at $15 billion plays out at over $455 a unique (using the same comScore data set). Smells like 1999.

Mad Ave buzz: You may expect to hear more and more about measures of attention and engagement. Here's one snap shot of an attention metric from Compete. My thanks to Max Freiert.

Others of note in the top 200: #28, Univision +129%, #33, Netflix (7%), #39 CartoonNetwork +14%, #45 BlackPlanet +3%, #57 ProjectPlaylist +610%, #67 Nick +7%, #68 PBSKids +6%, #76 USAToday (32%), #79 FoxNews +29%, #96 Hi5 (8%), #99 NYTimes (21%), #135 BBC (32%), #147 MarketWatch (18%), #188 TheStreet +216%, #196 DrudgeReport +21%. More here.

Not exactly correct, yet: Yes, I have been talking with a pub about doing a column. No, a deal has not been made (can't believe everything you read). This scribbling is free. I'm a known Creative Commons guy. Commercial pubs are and should be a different story. Not willing to write for free or almost free when the publisher is making a good buck. A deal might happen, or not. Honored, nonetheless. Thanks for all the emails and good words. Stay tuned.

Bravos! The Google Gmail gang (Seattle) debuts group chat and rich emoticons. Very cool. More here.

Bonus: ze jumping that gap between zero and one.

Congrats & cheers: Drew Horowitz named Best Manager in Radio by Radio Ink. Well deserved, Drew is a rock star playing at the top of his game. TiVo signs NBCU as first major broadcaster to purchase set-top box data. Emeril Lagasse marks 30 on Emeril Live!, the BAM! that first put Food Network on the national radar over ten years ago. Google AdWords team signing their first TV industry reseller covering 26 markets - Hearst-Argyle. Eddie Webb back, right where he belongs, in Chicago, afternoons at WLUP. Charlie Koones leaving Variety to lead a media/entertainment startup, he's shopping for money. ABC on their big win with Shrek, 21.2 million viewers, 7.2 rating 18-49, this should lockup their #1 finish. ABC also banked success with their Stars finale - 24.9 million viewers, 6.4 rating 18-49. The sweeps first place show honors remain with CBS, the CSI season opener posting 25.5 million viewers. Radio star Wendy Williams and Debmar-Mercury to co-pro the new Wendy Williams TV Show set to debut in the city next year, national launch to follow (Might be a great vehicle for one of the NBCU properties?). Anton Guitano named CFO at CBS Radio.


Dan Kelley said...


Agree with your comments on the NFL network. What is even more a frustation is the College's Big Ten Network.

And as much as I love watching our local Michigan State Spartans, I agree entirely with Comcast that its a service those interested should pay for.

Big Ten Network wants it to be a basic service that everyone pays for, be them viewers or not.

Its just hard to accept that public-funded university football has become the big business they have with a "damn the public" attitude".