Friday, July 23, 2004

"Nobody goes there any more, it's too crowded" Yogi Berra
Seth Godin is starting a new venture.  ChangeThis will create and publish, via pdf, writings of political and business leaders.  Grand idea, my congrats to Seth. What's not so grand are the comments about media made in the ChangeThis manifesto. Under the heading "The problem lies in the media" TV, radio, letters to the editor and magazines get the blame for failing to provide the time and space for "thoughtful, rational, constructive arguments about important issues." "Radio has become a jingoistic wasteland, a series of thoughtless mantras, repeated over and over and designed to fit into a typical commute." Hey Seth, you're wrong. Lots of diversity in electronic media today. Dead tree media has never been more title rich. The web has introduced a new and very different depth of voice and it's only the beginning.  How, exactly, pdf prose can rise to the potential influence and effectiveness of an interactive approach (e.g., blogging) is the case missing in your first manifesto.  After all, conversation is what it's all about Seth especially when your goal seems to be winning hearts and minds. Good luck with your new venture Seth but there's really no need for you and your crew to put down other media.  Please live up to your pledge of being an optimist and carry on.