Thursday, July 15, 2004

"There will always be people who are ahead of the curve, and people who are behind the curve. But knowledge moves the curve." Bill James

Radio trade pub Radio Ink has compiled and named their "40 Most Powerful People in Radio." Unlike the lists of business executives published by others, such as Forbes, this list does not seem to disclose a methodology or criteria in selection. No matter. It's their list and it is what it is. To put the list in perspective. It is a list of executives working in or associated with the business of commercial terrestrial radio broadcasting (AM & FM). C level officers of commercial radio broadcasting firms dominate the list. FCC Chair Michael Powell, NAB CEO Eddie Fritts, and Arbitron CEO Steve Morris are among those few making the list who do not hold senior positions in a radio operating company. Bravo to all making this year's list.

Creating and publishing any list like this is, no doubt, hard work. Any such list does, however, invite comment. With respect, here's mine. Only two women? My congratulations, btw, to Judy Ellis and Catherine Hughes. Hard to imagine there was not room on the list for Val Maki, Kim Guthrie, Erica Farber, Mary Catherine Sneed, Weezie Kramer, Ginny Morris, Mary Bennett, Lynn Anderson, Lisa Decker or Bonnie Press. No performers? Is it possible to make a list of commercial radio's "most powerful" without Howard, Rush, Tom or Paul? The biggest commercial radio firms are now publicly held, isn't it therefore appropriate to also recognize the street...those important, "powerful", members of the financial community (e.g.,Drew Marcus)? Can we simply deny what a "powerful" industry scribe Joel Denver has become? Are we wise in failing to recognize "powerful" entrepreneurs the likes of Clark/Verbitsky, Coleman, Jacobs and Rosen? Not notice "powerful" rising stars like Sherman Kizart, Josh Nash, Paul Miraldi, Kippie Romero, Buddy Lee and Julie Kahn? No tip of the chapeau to Fig, Del Bryant, Glynn Walden, Daryl Brown, Amy Rosenthal, Shelia Kerby and no mention whatever of Miller-Kaplan? The "powerful" agents of change at ibiquity merit no recognition? As my Georgia relatives would say "something bad wrong here" Please accept this short list of "unsung powerful players" for what it is - top of mind and certainly very incomplete. But wait there's more...

Thanks to Eric Rhoads we have reason to collaborate in the creation and publication of yet another list. A list of those hard working and truly powerful people who are adding value and getting it done, quietly behind the scenes or just plain out loud. The real power behind the so-called powerful. Should you, dear reader, have any suggestions please email me. Let the list begin.