Sunday, June 12, 2005

"The conductor of the orchestra doesn't make a sound" Benjamin Zander

Lots of emails on WCBS-FM and WJMK. Intend to reply to each - standby.

Here are two writings, each makes a case, each pov is different, each affords opportunity for your comments. You may find Sean Ross' writing here, and the view from Motown here. Another Edison VP, Tom Webster, offers his view of the WCBS-FM migration to online here. Allan Sniffin has dedicated a board to the WCBS-FM conversation here.

Lots of folks buzzing about Les Moonves' comments (i.e., "we shot someone"). What's interesting about what Les said serves to confirm he's a video not an audio guy. People don't watch TV stations they watch programs. People do feel strongly about "their radio stations" and radio is different than TV in this regard. Folks don't have a favorite TV station, they do tend to have a favorite radio station. Moreover, since this wireless audio delivery represents a media behavior involving personal preferences, personal choice, people become attached to stations at a certain emotional level, it becomes part of personal life, it is the companion not to be messed with by the producers. As we continue moving from the old world of customer passive, producer-centric to producer passive, customer-centric (assisted by our good friend technology), the audience will order the changes.

Fast Company blogs the WCBS-FM format flip here and you may review comments from readers here. If you want to check out the FC guys best to do it soon, they're on the block and may or may not be around.

The WFMU crowd weighs in on Jack here. Wired news puts up their take here.