Tuesday, June 21, 2005

"You can teach a kid everything else in the game but you can't teach speed" Al Davis

Charlie Rose should have been better prepared, could have taken his recent opportunity with Google CEO Eric Schmidt to commit some great television, it was not to be. Some of what Schmidt was allowed to say was interesting. Here's what he said about the state of the enterprise and their goals:

Everybody searching Google should only have to get one answer and that answer should always be right. It is very important that Google succeed in only giving one right answer.

Great stuff that. Of course it speaks to personalization, moreover, it gets to the real issue - deeply understanding the question. Schmidt talked about focus

70% on core business
20% on adjacent businesses
10% on new ideas

MSM should take note. Imagine the potential - the simply incredible outcomes possible from investing 30% on adjacent businesses and new ideas. A brief on the Rose/Schmidt interview from Tom Foremski here.

Mel Phillips has started a blog. Another star of the RKO tribe, he has done a great many fine things in his career. I warmly recommend his daily post, added his blog to my morning coffee, you may find it here.

Speaking of RKO - over the weekend read the memos of Ron Jacobs found in his book KHJ Inside Boss Radio. These should be required reading for anyone leading a creative organization. Ron understands creative folks don't want to be managed, they want to be led. If you must manage someone may I suggest you manage yourself. A great line in this regard comes from another RKO icon - the great Paul Drew who said (to Program Directors) "Remember the second word in your title"