Friday, June 17, 2005

" You have to trust in something - your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life." Steve Jobs

The above from Jobs' Stanford Commencement address. It's a good read, you'll find it here.

Jelly Helm is creative director at Wieden + Kennedy. In preparing an upcoming speech I found a strong Helm quote on listening to solve problems. "The first thing we do when we meet with clients is listen. We try to figure out what their problems are. Then we come back with questions, not solutions. We write these out and put them on the wall. And then we circle the ones that we think are interesting. More often than not, the questions hold the answer." The fine art of listening is indeed a powerful approach but it requires hard work and thinking. Two requirements that guarantee rare application.

Pac-Man's 25th - cheers!. Amazing to think that in 1980 Pac-Man was state-of-the-art and to many it remains so today. That same year I found myself involved in both the FM radio revolution (working for RKO in Chicago where we dared to debut the nation's first 24-hour news department on a commercial FM music station. "Incredible music. Credible information.") and the last days of AM music radio (taking a "lifestyle" news/talk format off to return music programming on the legendary WCFL). Both stations engaged big name talent to host the programs and to report the news. Our enterprise news initiative at WCFL delivered exceptional reportage and was responsible for getting significant state legislation enacted. At the time both moves were viewed as bold, contrarian, audacious. Both exceeded expectations for those very reasons - nobody liked it but the listeners. Best of all we had fun - we went to work each day to commit great radio, to stage a fresh, engaging show.

Leave it to the Peters crew to re-invent, refresh, re-imagine the newswire. Adding this to my morning coffee, check it out here.

This just in - David Weinberger has a book deal. Congrats! Bravo! Just can't wait for the 2007 publication - perhaps he will favor us with some of the work in progress. [Technorati tag EverythingIsMiscellaneous]