Wednesday, March 22, 2006

"Any problem that is pervasive, persistent, or unprecedented is unlikely to be solved with hand-me-down principles...novel problems demand novel principles" Gary Hamel

The above from GH's excellent writing in the Feb issue of Harvard Business Review (The Why, What, and How of Management Innovation). The folks at work in public radio (or in any venture for that matter) would benefit from the reading.

It's official - Microsoft has delayed Vista - shipping now in early 07. Bet it is worth the wait, especially since word around the camp fire is security issues are behind the delay.

Steve Krause has written a good review of Pandora compared/contrasted with here

The Digital Journalism class at NYU is blogging and it's mighty good, kudos and congrats - check out We Want Media here

NPR is now blogging - Bravo & Cheers! JJ Sutherland hosts Mixed Signals here

Writing a WSJ page one story on the newspaper business Julia Angwin and Joe Hagan have done an outstanding job in telling us what's happening with the dead tree gang (sub req) here

CBS Radio moves Mike Preston the bay area. Mike takes the helm as VP/Programming for KCBS-AM and KFRC-FM. A brilliant programmer, Mike is exactly the kind of leader and driving creative force that CBS needs to make things happen in San Francisco. Smart move.