Wednesday, March 01, 2006

"Only when knowledge is used as a foundation for skill does it become productive" Peter Drucker

Good day, as was yesterday, to buy more Google stock. Comments made by their CFO and the action of others seems to have created a good buying opportunity.

Howard Stern goes to lawyerland? Can it be considered to be true that Howard is, at once, playing the roles of cry baby, victim, free speech fighter, and, of course, self-proclaimed KOAM? Is making fun of Moonves' appearance Howard's best shot? The drama. The winner in this deal? Smart money is on the lawyers.

Some comments on the recent broadcast radio earnings calls and my pov...

"pricing for share" - never prudent practice, it's as close to having no pricing strategy as one can get. To determine effective pricing you must first have a deep understanding of how much it is costing you to create each avail in your proposed schedule.

sat radio has pr firms working for them while broadcast radio still does not - tired of hearing this one, will some radio company CEO please take the lead and hire a pr firm - enough, physician heal thy self. Don't want to spend the money? Let me suggest you can ramp up your earned media in a very significant way immediately...start doing good in your community...daily...give them something to talk about, make your own great copy, do it every single week - your once a year radiothon and psas are just not enough, make a real difference, repeat daily (then hire a pr firm)

the need to create new revenue streams has never been greater - if you always do what you've always done...time to stop re-stating the obvious and actually do something, start with selling your online assets as stand alone non-spot inventory, stop giving away online now.