Wednesday, March 15, 2006

"...a healthy flow of information separates winning organizations from losers. Deciding means acting on information. Barring blind luck, the quality of a decision can't be better than the quality of the information behind it" Arno Penzias

The Cirque du Soleil gang are staging their first-ever live arena event - Delirium. Booked our tickets this morning. Looks like big fun. More info here; get tour dates and purchase tickets here.

Congrats and cheers to Jimmy Cramer on the occasion of Mad Money's one-year anniversary on CNBC. JC proclaimed yesterday that he has become the new "King of All Media", I'll second that. Cramer is the goods and - stay tuned - he's just getting started.

Meanwhile the previous KOAM title holder, Howard Stern, continues his rant against Les Moonves and Joel Hollander with his I Hate Les Moonves Tour. Time for Howie to file a counter suit or shut up, 6 to 5 against either action seems the safe wager. If I had to pick one of the equity plays in this drama - Sirius or CBS - no contest, CBS is the equity with greater potential. Bonus - Allan Sniffen posts his review with comments along with the Sean Hannity Howard Stern interview audio (RA) here. Read the CBS suit via The Smoking Gun here. One has to wonder - what did Mel know and when did he know it? Discovery in this case could prove entertaining. Howard calling out Les for using company resources to chase a "frivolous suit" against him says it all...the man who once had company resources used against others in his defense now questions the use of company resources when used against him. Priceless.

Congrats to Tim McCarthy, clearly A Great General Manager, for his recent well deserved (and overdue, imho) recognition...Tim was named R&R's News/Talk General Manager of the Year.

Also honored at R&R's TRS...Jack Swanson as Programmer of the Year and Harvey Nagler as News Radio Executive of the Year.

The fund drive for Chicago Ed Schwartz now has a website here, please give what you can.

Bravo to Dean Richards, Lyle Dean, Dave Baum, Clark Weber, Mitch Rosen, Steve Dahl, Mike North, and each and all involved in Monday night's WSCR radiothon to benefit Chicago Ed.

Congrats to on their debut, very cool - check out Tina and Laura as they offer a tour of KEXP Radio, Seattle here