Tuesday, April 11, 2006

"Anyone attempting to enter music radio today has an advantage in learning from the best simply by spending some time hearing the icons of their chosen profession" John Rook

John Rook, the great legend of ABC's halcyon days, calls attention to another in need and one that might merit your attention. He writes...

Financing and volunteering his time without pay, Richard Irwin started the site ten years ago as a labor of love. A former radio programmer himself, “Uncle Ricky” like so many became a casualty of radios deregulation in recent times and has struggled to keep this fantastic collection of air checks featuring the cream of the crop of radios history alive.

Surely the thousands who are or have been a part of radio can afford to subscribe for just $12 annually. Many, who have enjoyed financial success as a direct result of radios great talent, should not only subscribe, but make a contribution here

For our own memories and to make radio history available for tomorrows generation of talent, do your part to provide a future for radio's past.

You may find John's latest writing here. Have to agree with John, if you have enjoyed any kind of success due to music radio please do take a moment and subscribe, you may also wish to consider a contribution. I wouldn't ask, nor would John, if Uncle Ricky didn't need it to continue his good work.


Anonymous said...

Let's face it: today's radio people are more self-centered than any previous generation. Just look at their blogs, web sites or personal pages on myspace. They have as sense that anything "old school" is irrelevant to their world. The old pros seem to use reelradio, but there doesn't seem to be enough of them. Even many of my peers I would view as more interested in their old work, than listening to someone really good. Its a shame, I subscribe to Reel Radio and hope it can gain an audience from the general public.

Dave said...

Excellent point. I stand by the comments above of John Rook, a recognized master of the art.