Wednesday, April 12, 2006

"One has to start out with what is right rather than what is acceptable precisely because one always has to compromise in the end. But if one does not know what is right, one cannot distinguish between the right compromise and the wrong compromise - and will end up making the wrong compromise." Peter Drucker

Congrats to Kurt Hanson and his AccuRadio gang on their Webby Award nomination. Check out AccuRadio here.

Others nominated in the "radio" category include...


Voices BBC Cymru Wales

Youth Radio

Congrats to the good folks at Writely on their multiple nominations - well deserved - they rock!

And cheers too to CJR Daily for the blog nomination, NPR StoryCorps for the event nod, Epicurious in the F&B and Lifestyle categories (the very best receipe collection imho), and hometown fav The Onion in the humor category.

Review all of the nominations - a bloody great waste of bandwidth - here

E&P updates all the Jared Paul Stern-Page Six noise here, NYT to kill BoldFace Names sez Variety here


Anonymous said...

My question is what is Kurt attempting to do? An Internet radio guru, or is he a competitor?
That web site is a mess, frigging terrible site to navigate.