Friday, April 21, 2006

"I always prided myself on thinking beyond what the radio sheep were thinking…but these guys are SO far away from 'radio thinking' that it really gets you realizing how engrained we radio people are in a certain style of thinking and creating." Lee Abrams

Lee is blogging his "narrative of the Bob Dylan odyssey" (the back story of Dylan's coming work on XM wherein sounds win over suits). Bravo Lee - well done! The first three "parts" are posted here

Our friend Bob Hamilton, the first broadcast pro to go online decades ago, provides his expected excellent coverage of the largest electronic media gathering on the planet...NAB/Vegas. Hear Bob's coverage and interviews via his New Radio Star Radio. Now on offer...Bob interviews the NAB's Dennis Wharton and John Marino, here. Expected to attend...over 100,000 including 20,000 plus international folk. NAB/Vegas is the single event focused on the bleeding-edge of media innovation, a truly exceptional show without equal. Something you didn't know dept (thanks to Bob's interview with Dennis): at or after last year's NAB/Vegas $30.4 billion in related business was done. NAB 2006 here. See you there!

Bonus - Hamilton's latest venture RV Dream Radio, here

Wicked good waste of bandwidth cyrkam airtos game - free here