Thursday, September 06, 2007

"Imitations are redundant. Your self is what is wanted." Anna Quindlen

"All creative people are dissatisfied with themselves at one time or another. That too is part of the process. The after indulging in glorious self-pity, they get back at it again. And again. And they work, and they suffer, and they understand, at the bottom, that there is nothing, absolutely nothing, that's as much fun as this." Jules Feiffer

"Talent is possibility; ability is the knack of getting a certain thing right more often than you get it wrong; creativity is a mixture of both." Stephen King

The Media Audit
offers wonderful insights with their data. Here are a few snapshots from their 2007 data releases...

Nationally 73% of adults are going online.

27% of adults have visited a local TV station website in the last thirty days.

Markets where 50% (or more) of the adult online population visits a local TV station website at least once a month: Raleigh, Tulsa, Denver, Columbia, Little Rock and Madison.

In the top fifteen markets - top five at converting adults online to local TV website visitors: Houston, Dallas, Philadelphia, Detroit and Seattle.

Bonus marketing lesson: Four Mistakes Apple Made With The IPhone Price Drop. Terrence Russell offers up a solid lesson via Wired here. Bravo Terrence!

Congrats & cheers: Ray De La Garza named Vice President, Programming at Radio Disney.