Saturday, September 29, 2007

Photo: Picnic07 Photo Booth by silvertje

Picnic 07 was a smash! Kudos to all involved in this great event.

Check out the Picnic07 photo booth.

Check out the video of the David Weinberger Picnic07 presentation here. The session ends with a discussion moderated by Walt Mossberg with Dr Dave and Andrew Keen. (1 hr 25 min)

Picnic 07, day 1 - video by Mindcaster here.

We join the conversation, already in progress: Martin Weller began the discussion on The Future of Content, part one here. Ray Corrigan contributes part two here. Patrick McAndrew takes up part three here. Will Woods offers up part four here. Martin explains the format of the conversation (structured, distributed blog article) here. In total the four writings are long, however, certainly worth your bandwidth. Highly recommended. Kudos to Martin, Ray, Patrick and Will for a good read and a job well done!

Congrats & cheers: Programming ace Jhani Kaye, my friend and former colleague, on KRTH winning the well deserved R&R award for Oldies/Classic Hits Station of The Year. Jhani's afternoon star Shotgun Tom Kelly wins Oldies/Classic Hits Personality of The Year. And to my pal Kevin Metheny on winning Oldies/Classic Hits Program Director of The Year. David Rehr, John David, George Hyde and Erica Farber on (as I'm hearing it in catching up) their outstanding shows.