Sunday, October 21, 2007

"Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better." Samuel Beckett

"It's not whether you get knocked down; it's whether you get back up." Vince Lombardi

"Only those who dare to fail greatly can achieve greatly." Robert F. Kennedy

The lesson succeed sooner we must learn and understand how to fail faster.

Today's image: Morning Illumination by WisDoc. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Bonus: A Vision of Students Today.

When I graduate I will probably have a job that doesn't exist today

I did not create the problems but they are my problems

The excellent new video by Michael Wesch and his students at KSU. Bravos and kudos to Michael and his students! View via YouTube here. Jump into the conversation here. This new video is the second in a series of three. In the event you missed the first video (The Machine is Us/ing Us) it's a must see via YouTube here. Professor Wesch talks about the key issues put forth in the first video (e.g., "everything is connected", "hello world, in 19 seconds"), video here.

Wesch has also posted another new video Information R/evolution. It chases a bunch of the thoughts and writing of Dr Dave. Video here.

Great comment on the new video by Tim Bulkeley via SansBlogue (It's not what we're teaching, it's HOW we are teaching)...

"More striking and visceral though, for me, was the opening of the video which sets the scene and poses the issue in an empty classroom! The environment in which we teach (onsite classes) is alien and sets up a model of information which is no longer true! Information is no longer scarce, no longer “out there”, no longer even ordered and organised the same way. It is not what we teach, it is how we are teaching that is the problem!

What teaching in the 21st century needs is not “better/more use of technology” - though that would be nice, nor (surely people do not actually believe this!?) students who are “as well educated as we were”, but simply new ways of doing and being. Many of our deep-rooted assumptions are enshrined in material forms, “class” rooms, whiteboards, “lecturers” and the like. So, what do we do to change how we are teaching?"

Bonus 2: TiltViewer