Monday, August 04, 2008

"Don't talk unless you can improve the silence." Vermont proverb

"You adapt, evolve, compete or die." Paul Tudor Jones

"When they slam the door in your face, you have to figure out the reasons. That's the essence of marketing." Marc Nathanson

Today's image: Renegade Silhouette Work Must Be Done by Thomas Hawk. Very cool. Thanks for sharing.

Kevin Kelly
@ 2007 EG Conference reviews what we've learned in the first 5,000 days of the web and previews the next 5,000 days. Kevin suggests the next 5,000 days will be different. Smarter, More personalized, More ubiquitous. Highly recommended. Bravos, Kevin! Outstanding.

  1. Copies have no value
  2. Value is in the uncopyable
  3. Media wants to be liquid
  4. Network effects rule
Kevin leaves his talk with a To Do list...
  1. There is only One machine
  2. The web is its OS
  3. All screens look into the One
  4. No bits will live outside the web
  5. To share is to gain
  6. Let the One read it
  7. The One is us

Bonus: Kevin's talk reminded me of recent discussions concerning the cloud which led me to look for Hugh's cartoon which led me to this post.

Video of the week: Watching Kevin's talk also reminded me of 1989, the year that the ABC Television Network invited Kevin in to give them his view on where the internet was headed. Which reminded me of a killer presentation made this past June at the Library of Congress by KSU professor Dr. Michael Wesch.
  1. Media is not content
  2. Media are not just tools of communication
  3. Media mediate human relations
  4. When media change > Human relations change
Highly recommended - An anthropological introduction to YouTube via YouTube here. Kudos to Michael and his students on their ongoing efforts.